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DMIT – is Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test – A new science that decodes the Inborn Talents, Potentialities, Weak areas, Strengths, Perception, Quotient - IQ/EQ/CQ/AQ, your Hidden Genius where you can do the best.


Midbrain activation” is a pseudoscientific practice through special music in yoga form that activate the midbrain and expand the functions of all acquiring methods like - visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory and gustatory. It dramatically improves the memory, retaining, learning capacity


Counseling always plays a key role in any life; True Counseling change you at three sixty degree. There are two types of Counseling - Outside in based upon Havin – Doing – Being and – Inside out based upon Being – Doing – Having.

Some of the Institutions & Individuals who has experienced our Services

"What I love about these tours is that the guides are not afraid to get off the beaten track and show us the real city. This is an I will definitely come back to"
Alene Elvine
HR Manager
“The guide was everything I hoped for, and more. BikeTour really makes a difference, I would have never discovered the beautiful places we stopped for"
Jonas Gerber

get your dmit report know your inborn talents / genius live a successful happy & prosperious life

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